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Diabetes, it’s not much fun :-{

As its National Diabetes Week in the UK I thought I’d write a short piece on how I’m getting on with my self-inflicted type 2 diabetes. I have been told by doctors and diabetic practice nurses that my diabetes is not-self inflicted, it’s just one of those things, but I disagree. If my diet choices over … Continue reading

Fatherhood….Part 3

I was 4 years old when my father left my mother, from then on I grew up without a father figure. I had my mum, my older brother and my younger sister, and later on we moved home and my grandmother moved into the same house as us. Growing up without a dad didn’t really mean … Continue reading

Garden taming…or sort of !!!

Last week when it was blistering hot I decided to try to tame the garden, we only have a very small patch of grass, but it has not been touched for along while! So I borrowed a strimmer and in the blistering heat I attacked the overlong grass and weeds. Before I knew it Joe and … Continue reading

Fatherhood…Part 2

I was asked to help lay a concrete path today, it was over at my mother’s home and would take most of the day. Joe (13) had asked if he could come and help, which seemed like a good idea to me, and would give Sarah a bit of a break. Just to be fair to David … Continue reading

Fatherhood……At Last :-)

I was a some times user of Face Book a couple of years ago, I really only used it to help promote my business, ok it was great to keep up with friends, but I only went on once a week or so. I was busy with a new start up business (The Fabulous Vodka … Continue reading