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Life Afloat, A New Chapter.

I spent Sunday morning on my boat with Joseph and Devon, 2 of Sarah’s boys. Devon is going to move aboard the boat, and live on the canal, much as I did all those years ago. I know that Devon will love the boating lifestyle, he’s just the type to make the most of it! … Continue reading

There’s lots Of Life Afloat!

Living in a marina was really good fun, and for someone new to living on a boat, it’s probably the easiest way to start. You have plenty of people around to give advice or help, there should be shore¬†facilities should you experience any issues with your boat, and there is usually a community of relatively … Continue reading

I Name This Boat…..

Once the boat was back in the water and I was back at work, the pace slackened off a bit, I still had no hot water, no heating, no toilet and no proper furniture, all I had was a couple of garden chairs and a camping stove on a small table. The best thing about … Continue reading