Glenuntitled Sample!

I recently recieved a small spirit sample from Dave at It’s a sample from his 1 litre new oak cask, which was filled with new make spirit. The spirit had been in the cask for 100 days when this sample was drawn.

The colour is deep red – brown.

The initial nose has caramel and vanilla, with an underlying spiciness, and a sweet rich maltyness.

I don’t know the strength of this sample, but un-reduced it would seem to be about 65% or so, it is obviously, a bit nippy! Initially sweet and malty, with hints of linseed oil, vanilla and a fruitiness (a bit like stewed prunes!) The wood has influenced this sample hugely, I don’t know where the new make spirit came from, but I’m assuming that it’s come from a distillery that doesn’t use a heavily peated malt as there’s not mush evidence of it here. I’m also assuming that the wood is american oak, there is a pronounced vanilla / bourbon note to this sample.

Once the sample was reduced to about 40% it was very different, on the nose most of the sweet caramel was lost and the malty new make spirit comes through. There are notes of tobacco and a vegetal oiliness. The taste is also very different, the sweetnes is much reduced, there is a biscuity oatiness  but with hints of acetone and rubber (but not in a bad way!) This now has the woodiness of a really old whisky, but without the smoothness, it is surprisingly sophisticated, but without the softness or complexity that the long ageing gives.

This was a really interesting sample, the wood has given so much to the spirit in such a short time that I think that it will soon overcome the spirit completely. I think Dave should empty the cask, reduce the strength to about 40% drink it! and then re-fill the cask with another batch of spirit. The cask will eventually lessen its impact on the spirit it holds, but this could take quite a few re-fills! It would also be interesting to re-fill the cask with a heavily peated spirit if Dave can get it!

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