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Glenuntitled Sample!

I recently recieved a small spirit sample from Dave at Glenuntitled.com It’s a sample from his 1 litre new oak cask, which was filled with new make spirit. The spirit had been in the cask for 100 days when this sample was drawn. The colour is deep red – brown. The initial nose has caramel … Continue reading

The Whisky Game!

I’m going to be bottling my new Cask Two Oak Aged Vodka early next week. This week I’ve had a final pre-bottling taste and I’m really pleased with it, it is subtle yet complex, it has vanilla, a slight spiciness and is amazingly smooth. I’ve not tasted it against Cask One yet, but I have tasted … Continue reading

A Fabulous Award.

The Fabulous Vodka Company was awarded the certificate of excellence from Insight magazine, and I’m so proud of it! I also won their Christmas Tipple of 2011, These awards were totally unsolicited, I didn’t enter any competition to get them. I’m delighted that these awards have come out of the blue, the latest has come … Continue reading