Whisky Drinker, Not Whisky Snob!

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Just a wee one !

I think I’ve said before that I have a lot of different whiskies, something like 140 or so. It can take me ages to decide just which one to drink, which leads me to believe that I’m a bit of a whisky snob! Many of the bottles in my cupboards are quite expensive or exclusive, but I also have a lot of standard expressions, which in the past I’ve left untouched and selected something altogether more challenging, something the demands me to sit and contemplate its flavours, textures and finish. Now, since the demise of the wonderful Longmorn 15 year old, I’ve had to find a new everyday whisky, and Highland Park12 year old fits the bill perfectly. I will, however use it as a springboard on to “the next whisky” I drink it as a palate cleanser, a livener, or a prelude to something more challenging. So last week I decided to drink only standard bottlings, or distilleries own, general release expressions. Once again, I started with the Highland Park 12, but over the week I’ve had Laphroaig 10 year old, Glen Livet 12 year old, Glen Fiddich 12 year old, Macallan 10 year old, Dalwhinnie 15 year old, and Oban 14 year old, and the thing that’s struck me is just how good these are. I suppose that that’s not surprising as these expressions are designed to show the mass market just what the distillery can do, what it is all about, and the standard expressions have to provide a large amount of whisky and each bottling has to be consistent with the last bottling, and the next one! It’s all quite a feat when each cask is subtlely different for every other, the art of the blender really should not be underestimated. Although my cask strength or single cask whiskies are the more interesting or more challenging drams, they are also usually more expensive, and in most cases, no longer available, and sometimes you just want a great tasting whisky to sit and enjoy . So from now on I intend to be a whisky drinker, not a whisky snob!

Now where’s that 1982 Port Ellen!

Everyday is whisky day !!!

2 thoughts on “Whisky Drinker, Not Whisky Snob!

  1. Nice post Chris, nah you’re not a snob. “Ah Macallans” led me here, a crazy NZr TheSmokoKid aka Chris, introduced me to it 1990. ‘The Macallans’ 12yr export to Australia is rough compared to any ‘The Macallans’ 10yr old bottle I’ve bought over there in Blighty. But the 18yr, whoa, Noice. The Glenlivet18yr with coffee is nice too.Once.

    • Macallan is a real favourite of mine, but try a good Longmorn if you can get it, it’s always great! It’s still a Speyside, so smooth mellow and full of body and flavour, usually Sherry casked, so fruity, rich and soft, I love it!

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