Don’t Ignore Chest Pain!

I’ve been off the air for a short while now (3 months!) so I feel its time to write another blog. This one could get a bit messy as it’s very personal! I’ve been having chest pains for about 6 years, it started soon after hitting 40, nothing too bad, but sometimes I’d have to … Continue reading

Glenuntitled Sample!

I recently recieved a small spirit sample from Dave at It’s a sample from his 1 litre new oak cask, which was filled with new make spirit. The spirit had been in the cask for 100 days when this sample was drawn. The colour is deep red – brown. The initial nose has caramel … Continue reading

The Whisky Game!

I’m going to be bottling my new Cask Two Oak Aged Vodka early next week. This week I’ve had a final pre-bottling taste and I’m really pleased with it, it is subtle yet complex, it has vanilla, a slight spiciness and is amazingly smooth. I’ve not tasted it against Cask One yet, but I have tasted … Continue reading

Life Afloat, A New Chapter.

I spent Sunday morning on my boat with Joseph and Devon, 2 of Sarah’s boys. Devon is going to move aboard the boat, and live on the canal, much as I did all those years ago. I know that Devon will love the boating lifestyle, he’s just the type to make the most of it! … Continue reading

A Fabulous Award.

The Fabulous Vodka Company was awarded the certificate of excellence from Insight magazine, and I’m so proud of it! I also won their Christmas Tipple of 2011, These awards were totally unsolicited, I didn’t enter any competition to get them. I’m delighted that these awards have come out of the blue, the latest has come … Continue reading

Diabetes, it’s not much fun :-{

As its National Diabetes Week in the UK I thought I’d write a short piece on how I’m getting on with my self-inflicted type 2 diabetes. I have been told by doctors and diabetic practice nurses that my diabetes is not-self inflicted, it’s just one of those things, but I disagree. If my diet choices over … Continue reading

Fatherhood….Part 3

I was 4 years old when my father left my mother, from then on I grew up without a father figure. I had my mum, my older brother and my younger sister, and later on we moved home and my grandmother moved into the same house as us. Growing up without a dad didn’t really mean … Continue reading

Garden taming…or sort of !!!

Last week when it was blistering hot I decided to try to tame the garden, we only have a very small patch of grass, but it has not been touched for along while! So I borrowed a strimmer and in the blistering heat I attacked the overlong grass and weeds. Before I knew it Joe and … Continue reading