Fabulous Events :)

The Fabulous Vodka Stall

I’m looking forward to this weekends food and craft fair at Mapledurhamnear Reading, it’s always been a good venue for Fabulous Vodka. It’s a beautiful setting right next to the river and a great place to spend some time mooching around the food stands and craft stalls. These smaller events are really good for a small company like Fabulous, we get to talk face to face with our customers and as it’s the 4th time we’ve done this event we get to chat to previous customers as well. All we need is reasonable weather and the crowds to come and the event will work. Attending and exhibiting at events like Mapledurham are the lifeblood of small companies like Fabulous, I get to promote my business directly to people who, purely by their attendance, are interested in high quality and locally made produce. As I can’t afford a huge advertising campaign, and I don’t really have a marketing budget, this sort of face to face selling fills both criteria. My internet sales reflect the advertising that events give me, for the week or so after each event my internet sales rise significantly, which gives me the ability to direct market to these people after the event as well. Regional events also allow me to promote any local stockists that I have, and the fact that I attend local events can be an important reason for a local deli, off licence or farm shopto stock my products, if I can drive custom to their business it would be a great help to them and to me!

Shoppers 🙂

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